How to set a budget or forecast

The arrival of a World Cup started a conversation in our house about how anything can be forecast – even how many pints of Carling a given pub will sell on a given night. We discussed how, although these things may seem random, actually human behaviour can be predicted. I thought I would put together a …

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Idea, Planning, Strategy, Successful

How to start your successful small business now

You have a great idea but you aren’t sure what steps to take to start your soon-to-be successful business? I can help! Follow these steps, in this order, and find yourself better prepared than most other UK startups* *see this article about the statistics of small business from  Business model Start by modelling your business …

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How to write your Strategy

Why should I bother with a Strategy? The first question you may be asking is “what do I need a strategy for?”. Now you’re right to ask that – there are lots of businesses out there that don’t have a strategy set down on paper. They manage perfectly well, right? Well yes… and no. A …

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rack of clothes in a store

How often should I buy stock for my store

I was browsing through a subreddit the other day about an unrelated topic and found people asking the question “How often should I buy stock for my store?”. This question is super interesting given it’s been something of second nature to me for the past 20 years! The short answer to that is; you should …

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How to have the right things for your customer at the time they want it.

I have spent 20 odd years planning customer demand (actually called Merchandising but most people confuse this with people who look after displays – called Visual Merchandisers) Have you ever thought about who decides what clothes, shoes, accessories or food is in the shop or store you go into? Do you sell products but you’re …

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how to set powerful goals

How to write powerful goals that will actually happen

Have you already heard of the idea of SMART goals? This is the concept; powerful goals that will actually happen MUST all have certain criteria (we’ll dive into what SMART is in a moment) The problem for a lot of people is that the idea is great! But when you try to apply this idea …

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a metaphor for a business mistakes

The 5 mistakes to avoid to stay on the path to success

None of us start out wanting to make mistakes. I bet you actually want everything to be completely perfect! But let’s be honest – mistakes happen. You can, and should, learn from them! So I want to give you the top 5 mistakes I have learned from in more than 20 years in business. Not …

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filling in a weekly planner

How to move forward when your day to day is full

You know what it’s like. You have the vision and you know what you want to achieve but how can you move forward when life keeps getting in the way. If your day is already full how can you start working on the things that will propel you forward? You need a portion of your …

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Balancing time vs money

Time vs Money or when should you outsource?

It’s a hard balance when you work for yourself; maximising profits and maximising time? Everything is a priority and you seem to be short on both the money and the time. But you know we actually make outsourcing decisions more than you realise. Don’t want to spend a week decorating your kitchen? Pay someone to …

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Why structure is important

Look, I know, I get it; creating a list of strategic tasks for the next six months when it’s just you in your business may not only feel like the most boring thing you could do but also a little  weird and pointless. I’m going to assume you have your own business, which is why …

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